Unisex watches: how to wear gender-neutral watches

The idea that girls wear dresses and boys wear trousers is most definitely being broken down in the 21st Century. With anything going in fashion across the genders people are being allowed to express themselves in brilliant and unique ways.

Unisex styling is talking over and Charles Conrad are happily embracing it.

Influenced by the latest trends our watches are designed in London and are the definition of unisex. We don’t distinguish or discriminate against anyone who would love to wear our watch styles.

The bespoke element of the interchangeable strap allows for a truly individual aspect to all our watches. Crafted by us, styled by you.

Classic Style

When you think of a traditional watch you might think of a black or brown genuine leather strap and white dial. This style is the perfect daily watch can it can be worn with a variety of outfit styles. Whether casual or smart this minimal vintage design will suit all.

Charles Conrad watch photo by Emma Munford Charles Conrad watch in grey

Striking Dials

Charles Conrad watches have 2 extra eye catching dial colours in our fashion pocket; a stark black or vibrant blue. No matter what you are interested in you can make a fashion statement by pairing one of these dials with your favourite coloured strap.

Charles Conrad watches with blue dials

All Black

Sometimes a little black number is all you need to complete your look. Try all black options consisting of black straps, black head casings and a black dial, or add elements of the mysterious hue to metallic toned watches for an interesting contrast. 

Charles Conrad watch in black Charles Conrad watch in black and gold

Milanese Straps

A popular strap choice in 2017 is the Milanese band. Creating a jewellery-like effect with its woven stainless steel design, Milanese mesh strap watches can bring your watch style up a notch. Available in silver, gold, rose gold or black hues, pick your favourite and effortlessly change it, thanks to our easily interchangeable straps. 

Charles Conrad watch with silver mesh strap Charles Conrad watch in rose gold

Check out the full unisex watch range here.

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