How to securely fasten your Charles Conrad mesh watch strap

Mesh watches are this year's must-have watch look, which is why Charles Conrad offer mesh watches in a range of different colour combinations.

Follow these steps to make sure you securelly fasten your Charles Conrad mesh watch strap.

  1. Pull the clasp cover back on your Charles Conrad watch strap to reveal two little hooks



  1. Hook the two hooks onto the single bar at the bottom of the clasp mechanism at the other end of your watch strap. Firmly pull the clasp cover down, away from the clasp mechanism, to ensure the hooks are secure.



  1. Finally, firmly close the clasp cover over the clasp mechanism. You should hear a clicking noise as the hook at the top of the clasp cover slots into position on the clasp mechanism. This confirms that the clasp is now secure.


Your watch strap is now secure and ready to be worn. Enjoy your new Charles Conrad watch.


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