How to buy a watch as a gift

Whether you're treating yourself or splashing out on someone special, a watch is a statement gift that will stand the test of time. However, buying a watch as a gift is not something to be taken lightly.

Follow these simple steps to make sure you pick the perfect timepeice.

1. What's the occasion?

Party, promotion or just to say 'I love you' - what is the gift celebrating? As a high quality gift, watches are deeply meaningful presents, so make sure the occasion suits.

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2. What's your budget?

Set your budget from the start. With the watch world catering to everything from £50 to £50,000, it's easy to get lost amongst the masses of beautiful timepieces. Generally speaking, you can pick up a smart fashion watch for £100 - £300; an affordable price for everyday style. So, set a realistic budget and stick to it.

3. Where will the gift recipient be wearing the watch?

Consider where the watch will be worn to understand which style your giftee will appreciate. For example, if the watch is to be worn everyday then it needs to be comfortable and able to blend with a versatile wardrobe - a large dial and leather strap offers a minimalist style that can be paired with any outfit from jeans to dresses.

For more formal affairs, a dress watch may be more suitable. Dress watches are usually worn to formal events and tend to be in more traditional styles. A classic tan brown or black strap pairs well with an array of outfits. A golden mesh strap can be an upgraded look if a bolder choice is required.

If fashion is at the forefront of your decision, then the giftee may wish their watch to echo the latest trends. Here, a little research may be required in order to be up to date with new releases. Hint: for 2017, rose gold, mesh straps and blue dials are all in high demand, plus red is the colour of the Autumn season.  

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4. What is the style of the wearer

Put yourself in your giftee's shoes; are they a flamboyant or shy person? Do they like bold colours or more traditional styles? Pick a watch that suits your recipient's personality.

If its bold colours, then choose a vivid colour for the watch strap. Red, pink, blue, white, and even green - there's plenty to choose from. 

If you are unsure if the person is into bold colours or not you can chose a striking dial. A bold colour in the dial will add an eye catching element to the watch without going all-out.

For the person who prefers their watch to have a more classic style, a minimalist choice is best. A brown or black leather strap is a nod to the traditional watch style and perfect for anyone looking for that vintage look.

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5. What kind of watch strap do they usually like to wear? 

The choice of strap comes down to personal taste. Leather offers the best option for comfort, whilst mesh straps offer a sturdy yet stylish alternative. You can gauge someone’s preference based on their previous watches, or simply ask what their preference is. If you're still keen to harnass the element of surprise, then a watch with easily interchangeable straps makes for the perfect choice - allowing the wearer to pick a leather or mesh strap as they wish.

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